What products do you deliver?

 John Couchara Fuels delivers #2 Heating Fuel, On Road Diesel and Off Road Diesel. 

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What are your payment options?

 We accept Cash and Credit/Debit Cards. 

What are your delivery options?

 Automatic Delivery, Will-Call, or Dated Deliveries. 

When should I place an order?

We suggest ordering when there is 1/4 of a tank remaining. Deliveries will be made within 2 day of ordering.

Are there any other fees?

If you need your heater restarted there is a $50 fee to prime.

Do you offer same day delivery?

Yes, when possible. Same day delivery will result in an additional charge.  Please call the office for more info.

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Do you have budget plans?

 Yes, we have a 10-month budget plan, which typically starts in June. 

Do you offer pre-buys and pricing plans?

 Yes, for more information call our office at (610) 584-8030. 

What fuel additives do you have?

 Fuel additives are available upon request. (Heating Oil Treatment (HOT), Sludge Remover (SBG), Diesel Fuel Anti-Gel, Diesel Fuel Stabilizer, etc.)  

Do you offer bulk delivery discounts?

 Yes, discounts are offered for larger deliveries of fuel. Please call our office at (610) 584-8030 for more details. 

Do you offer repair and maintenance services?

 Yes, contact us for more more information  

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Do you have order minimums?

Our price is based on a minimum delivery of 150 gallons.  However, we will deliver as little as 50 gallons for an additional fee.


What are your hours of operation?

Office hours are from 8:00am – 4:00pm. For emergency service please call our office at 610-584-8030 and leave a message.  We will return your call as soon as possible.

Do you accept heating assistance?

Yes, we accept LIHEAP. Click the link for further information. 

Why did I not receive all of the gallons ordered?

If the amount ordered exceeds the safe level when filling the tank, you may receive less than ordered. To allow for fuel expansion and a safe delivery, an oil tank will not be filled to its full capacity.